DUP The Man Who Fell Up

DUP The Man Who Fell Up

The Man Who Fell Up

[A fiddle faddle poem]

A man slips while descending the stairs and falls wrongly, but actually correctly.
I wrote the poem of same title as an exploration of the illogical as an abstract form of logical expression.
World premiere was at DOK Leipzig 2016 under “New German Animations”

A man slips while descending the stairs and falls wrongly, but actually correctly..
From the fiddle-faddle poem of same title written by Ebele Okoye “The Man Who
Fell Up” explores the illogical as an abstract form of logical expression.

Length: 02:00 Mins
Technique: 2D Animation
Language: English
Countries of Production. Germany/Nigeria
Year of Production: 2016
Format: DVD, BluRay, Digital Files
Ratio: 1,75
Image: Black &White

Script: Ebele Okoye
Director: Ebele Okoye
Animation: Ebele Okoye
Narator: Darren Dean

I have heard many a stories
Of different categories
But this one quite silly
Tells of a man named Philly
Who in descent of the stairs
Of a house with two rooms upstairs
Slipped on a piece of crepe
Which the stair edge did drape
You would think downwards he fell
Like any other would tell
But alas! Gravity had suffered a bit of dementia
And upwards Philly fell, devoid of inertia




One of the very first abstract works I did when I started animating in virtual reality in January 2019

Marcas de amor

Marcas de amor

Marcas de amor

[Una reflexión sobre la violencia doméstica]

[Spanish | English Subtitles]

A little girl, socialized into a culture of domestic violence acceptance and perpetuity, dreams big about her marriage

Una niña se socializa en una cultura de aceptación y perpetuidad de la violencia doméstica. sueña en grande con su matrimonio


Cuando mi papá va a trabajar, los mira en el espejo y llora.

Luego me pide que los cubra con maquillaje
Tengo que tener mucho cuidado porque le duele

“Marcas del amor” las llama.
Están por todas partes
En su cuello, sus manos, su cara
Papá se las da

A veces después de solpear la televisión ..
.. o cuando la comida sabe rara

“Él lo hace porque me quiere” dice ella

Yo le pregunto si el amor tiene que doler?

Y ella dice “haces demasiadas preguntas”

Cuando sale a calle, se pone una bufanda alrededor de sucuello.
y gafas de sol para cubrir las marcas de alrededor de sus ojos
Está preciosa …

Cuando me caso, le daré marcas de amor a mi marido
Espero que tengamos una televisión bien grande para que yo aplastara.poder golpearla

Una que sea tan grande como mi amor por él

Ebele Okoye
Mayo de 2017

Jessica Poveda

Anna Blume

Anna Blume

Anna Blume

[Eve Blossom]

[German | English Subtitles]

Anna Blume is a visual interpretation of the emblematic love poem “An Anna Blume” (To Eve Blossom) by the German Dada Poet, Kurt Schwitters, written in 1919. (Original voicerecording of the Poet from 1935 was used)

An Anna Blume
Oh Du, Geliebte meiner 27 Sinne, ich liebe Dir!
Du, Deiner, Dich Dir, ich Dir, Du mir, —- wir?
Das gehört beiläufig nicht hierher!
Wer bist Du, ungezähltes Frauenzimmer, Du bist, bist Du?
Die Leute sagen, Du wärest.
Laß sie sagen, sie wissen nicht, wie der Kirchturm steht.
Du trägst den Hut auf Deinen Füßen und wanderst auf die Hände,
Auf den Händen wanderst Du.
Halloh, Deine roten Kleider, in weiße Falten zersägt,
Rot liebe ich Anna Blume, rot liebe ich Dir.
Du, Deiner, Dich Dir, ich Dir, Du mir, —– wir?
Das gehört beiläufig in die kalte Glut!
Anna Blume, rote Anna Blume, wie sagen die Leute?
1. Anna Blume hat ein Vogel,
2. Anna Blume ist rot.
3. Welche Farbe hat der Vogel?
Blau ist die Farbe Deines gelben Haares,
Rot ist die Farbe Deines grünen Vogels.
Du schlichtes Mädchen im Alltagskleid,
Du liebes grünes Tier, ich liebe Dir!
Du Deiner Dich Dir, ich Dir, Du mir, —- wir!
Das gehört beiläufig in die —- Glutenkiste.
Anna Blume, Anna, A—-N—-N—-A!
Ich träufle Deinen Namen.
Dein Name tropft wie weiches Rindertalg.
Weißt Du es Anna, weißt Du es schon,
Man kann Dich auch von hinten lesen.
Und Du, Du Herrlichste von allen,
Du bist von hinten, wie von vorne:
Rindertalg träufelt STREICHELN über meinen Rücken.
Anna Blume,
Du tropfes Tier,

To Anna Blume
Oh you, beloved of my twenty-seven senses, I love you!
You thine thou yours, I you, you me, —- We?
This by the way does not belong here.
Who are you, uncounted woman? You are – are you?
People say you are.
Let them say it, they don’t know how the church tower stands.
You wear a hat on your feet and stand on your hands,
Upon your hands you walk.
Hello, your red dress, sawn up in white pleats.
Red I love Anna Blume, red I love you!
You thine thou yours, I you, you me, —- We?
That by the way belongs in the cold embers.
Red flower, red Anna Blume, what do people say?
Prize question:
1. Anna Blume has a bird.
2. Anna Blume is red.
3. What color is the bird?
Blue is the color of your yellow hair.
Red is the cooing of your green bird.
You simple girl in an everyday dress,
You dear green animal, I love you!
You thine thou yours, I you, you me, —- We!
That by the way belongs in the ember box.
Anna Blume, Anna, your name!
I drip your name.
Your name drips like softest tallow.
Do you know, Anna, do you know already?
You can also be read from behind,
And you, you most marvelous creature of them all,
You are from the back as you are from the front:
Suet drips caress my back.
Anna Blume, you droppy animal,
I love you!