The Man Who Fell Up

The Man Who Fell Up

The Man Who Fell Up

[A fiddle faddle poem]

A man slips while descending the stairs and falls wrongly, but actually correctly.
I wrote the poem of same title as an exploration of the illogical as an abstract form of logical expression.
World premiere was at DOK Leipzig 2016 under “New German Animations”

A man slips while descending the stairs and falls wrongly, but actually correctly..
From the fiddle-faddle poem of same title written by Ebele Okoye “The Man Who
Fell Up” explores the illogical as an abstract form of logical expression.

Length: 02:00 Mins
Technique: 2D Animation
Language: English
Countries of Production. Germany/Nigeria
Year of Production: 2016
Format: DVD, BluRay, Digital Files
Ratio: 1,75
Image: Black &White

Script: Ebele Okoye
Director: Ebele Okoye
Animation: Ebele Okoye
Narator: Darren Dean

I have heard many a stories
Of different categories
But this one quite silly
Tells of a man named Philly
Who in descent of the stairs
Of a house with two rooms upstairs
Slipped on a piece of crepe
Which the stair edge did drape
You would think downwards he fell
Like any other would tell
But alas! Gravity had suffered a bit of dementia
And upwards Philly fell, devoid of inertia

Meine Heimat

Meine Heimat


A visual adaptation and personal interpretation of the poem “meine heimat” by the German Poet Ulrike Almut Sandig.

Each time during the ZEBRA Poetry Film festival, the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin sends out poems to film makers and asks them to interpret them visually.
This piece was done in the same constellation in 2012

Berlin Tempelhof, years after 2017: an old woman in the face of advanced recreational activities at the old
airport grounds confusedly recalls her growing-up years and life in a post war Berlin.

The old Tempelhof Airport, one of Europe’s iconic pre-world war II airports ceased operating in 2008 . Since then it is being used for recreational activities like windsurfing, kiting etc.
However, before the Airport was built in the mid twenties, it was a vast farmland which played a big role in the life of the inhabitants of Tempelhof. It was the center of their sunday recreational activitieswhich included dog-races etc.

Today, in 2012, the city of Berlin plans to restructure the landscape of the old airport ground and install very modern recreational facilities and one of these is a hill (hence the interpretation of the “bird man” sport )
So conclusively, only MOSTLY people from Berlin will be able to understand it beyond the presented visual abstract, thus making this remain predominantly a Berlin-related interpretation.

Format: DVD, Digital Files
Ratio: 16:9
Image: Black & White /Color
Length: 05:00 Mins
Technique: 2D/3D Animation
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Countries of Production: Nigeria / Germany/
Year of Production: 2012

Poem: Ulrike Almut sandig
Script: Ebele Okoye
Director: Ebele Okoye
Music: Istomin Stoganov & Sound Stake Music
Sound Design: Ebele Okoye
Animation: Ebele Okoye
Producer Nigeria: Shrinkfish Ltd.
Producer Germany: Ebele Okoye

No screenings yet (stand : 18.06.2012)

2012: Meine Heimat (Germany/ Nigeria) 05:00 Min, 2D/3D Animation (Director/Coproducer)
2011: Footy My Love (Nigeria/Germany/Denmark) 07:00 Min, 2D Animation/Video Art (Director/Coproducer)
2010: The Essence (Nigeria /Germany) 05:30 min. , 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)
2009: Anna Blume (Germany/Bulgaria) 09:00 mins. 2D Animation (Producer/Co script writer/Animator)
2009: Patterns (Nigeria /Germany) 10:00 mins. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)
2008: Papermouse (Germany) 02:30 mins. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)
2007: Die Verrückte ‘The Lunatic’ (Germany) 05:00 mins. 2D Animation (Director/Coproducer)