The Essence

The Essence


As stolen and broadcast on pay TV by the Africa Movie Channel in 2016

SYNOPSIS (English)
Amidst the heavy famine and distress which have befallen his isolated community, a farmer dares to cry to the
heavens for help but what he receives is far from what he was expecting.

On 6th of March 2010, “Hafeez Oluwa”, a then medical student and a poet who just connected with me on Facebook approached me a plea. He had written a piece for the International women’s day and wanted it animated so he could present it at the celebration on the 8th in his university.
I could not say no!
That was how I anmated for 16 hours nonstop to upload, with enough buffer time for download as the Nigerian internet was still in the stone age those days.
Hafeez and I have worked together ever since then.

Fast forward to 2016, This piece got STOLEN by the Africa Movie Channel and got broadcast in their Pay TV without my consent or notification. The case is still pending!

Au beau milieu de la lourde famine et la détresse qui sont tombés sur sa communauté isolée, un fermier ose
implorer les cieux pour de l’aide, mais ce qu’il reçoit est loin de ce qu’il attendait.

Format: Digi BETA, Beta SP, MiniDV, DVD, Digital Files
Ratio: 16:9
Image: Colour
Length: 06:00 Mins
Technique: 2D Computer Animation
Countries of Production: Nigeria / Germany/
Year of Production: 2010

Script: Hafeez Oluwa
Director: Ebele Okoye
Musician: Davide A. Bianchini
Sound Design: Ebele Okoye
Animation: Ebele Okoye
Producer: Shrinkfish Ltd.. Nigeria
Co producer: Ebele Okoye

SCREENINGS/AWARDS /Stand June 30 2011
‐ 2é Fórum De Cinema De Curta Metragem, Kugoma, Mozambique, June 2011
‐ International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart 2011 (Progrmme: African Animation)
‐ Affrika Film Festival, Leuven, Belgium, April 2011
‐ CinemAfrica Stockholm Sweden, March 2011
‐ Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, Greece, 2011
‐ Heart of Gold International Film Festival, Gympie, Australia 2011
‐ 9th Festival of Animation Film Olomouc ,Dec 2010
‐ 22 Festival de Cortometrajes de Aguilar de Campoo, Spain, Dec 2010
‐ Animae Caribe Animation & Media Festival Trinidad, Nov 2010 / Most Outstanding Animation
‐ Ourense Intenational Film Festival, Spain Oct 2010
‐ Silicon Valley African Film Festival, California 2010, Oct / Best Animation Film
‐ Africa In Motion Film Festival Edinburgh UK, Oct 2010
‐ Capalbio Cinema Rome Italy, Oct 2010
‐ ANIMAFRIK Animaton Festival Accra Ghana, Aug. 2010 (World premiere) / Best African Diaspora Animation




A hungry acrchitect employs tricks to catch a mouse which destroyed his drawings but the mouse has ideas too.

This idea was developed in a flash during the Animation postgraduate course at the International Film School intended towards being part of the graduation project in 2004.
Eventually, it was put away to be revisited years later as an entry for the “Going Underground” Subway Short Film Competition in Berlin 2007. The rough idea did not “go underground” but the final version (seen here) made other festivals with its first screening at the “Made for Mobile Awards”, Cologne 2008

Director/Animator/Producer: Ebele Okoye | Musician: Florian Erlbeck

Technique: 2D Computer Animation | Length: 02:30 Mins | Format: Digi BETA, MiniDV, DVD | Ratio: 4:3 | Image: Colour | Countryof Production: Germany | Year of Production: 2008

-Made for Mobile Awards, Cologne 2008/ Winner: Audience Award
-ION International Film Festival Port Harcurt ’09
-Pan African Film and Arts Festival California 2010
-Tricky Women Animation Festival Vienna, Austria, 2010
-ANIMAFRIK Animation Frstival, Accra Ghana 2010
-Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival, Trinidada 2010
-9th Festival of Animation Film Olomouc ,2010


Die Verrückte [The Lunatic]

Die Verrückte [The Lunatic]


[German with English Subtitles]

[English Version Below]

My first official animation, this piece premiered at the Filmfest Dresden in 2007. Later in 2008, it was entered as the FIRST AND ONLY animation at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) thus got the honourable mention.

It was written and discarded by best friend and my then flatmate, the German Author Simone Kanter (who is still convinced it was a horrible piece whereas for me, it was the stepping stone into life as an indeie animator.)
I also had the priviledge of having Rita Ringheanu, the most sought after female VO artist in Germany to speak the original German version.
It later ran at the DOK Lepzig amongst other prestigious festivals




The search for “greener pastures” turns out to be the beginning of a new awareness.

In 2006, I won the DEFA Research Prize for Animation. The prize was aimed towards facilitating the preproduction phase of an Animation co-production with Estonia titled “Feet Voters” As circumstantially “Feet Voters” met an extensive stall with minimal or absolutely no signs of getting realized, I interpreted my own ideas of the project into “Patterns”