Oils &Acrylics

That One Move

It is common knowledge that most people who move abroad experience a culture shock. In my case though, when I moved to Germany in 2000, I experienced what I called “anti-oil climate shock”. Suddenly, it took my oil paintings over 3 weeks to dry as against some few days it took when I was in Nigeria. This was before I went into animation and in order not to lose the zeal I had to find alternative means of continuing to paint at own pace. That was when I started exploring Acrylics. Though no more with as much time to paint as a couple of years back, I have stayed with acrylic. Thus my old oil paintings from my days in Nigeria and my early days in Germany have become like gems to me. I am not so keen on selling any of those which have remained with me but do have a look around. If you find anything you would like to purchase, be it oil or acrylic, either get in touch so we can talk about it, or move straight to the shop. With a little luck, that one piece might just be one of those I am willing to part with.

abstract art, oils & acrylics