The Awesome Case of Holla & Louis

A social media marketing success with a very minimal budget

Early 2015, I was contacted by a very young entrepreneur concerning his social service outfit called “Holla & Louis”.
Aside handling the corporate image, and web registration, I was asked to handle a very short timed social media marketing promotion, just to get their posts out to the public.

Note: This did not involve generating page likes

My first demand of the young man who owned the outfit was not to invite any of his friends to like the page.

Within a period of one week and with a budget well under 20 dollars, despite that my campaign involved only creating awareness for their posts, the page likes skyrocketed alongside the general audience reach which crossed the 200,000 mark
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This  involved creating a scocial media campaign targetting  only Facebook video views of two selected videos.

– No page likes were being targetted

– No website traffic was being targetted

– No post shares were being targetted


The campaign was scheduled to run for  3 weeks. (21 days)

However, It was stoped after 9 days having reached more than twice the targetted result.


The budget was 48 US but in the end, only 22 USD was spent.

Stats speak better than claims

The first video which was promoted generated over 30,000 views in just 3 days. Read the text on the image (as posted by Holla & Louis on their page)

awesome results for minimal budget

Within the same one-week period,  the second video reached 19,936 people with a budget of less than 5 Euros (approx. 7 dollars)

Post reach in 1 week; 204,977.

Page likes (not part of the campaign but generated through posts) 233