A random of animations, press appearences and miscellaneous stuff.


Una reflexión sobre la violencia doméstica) | A reflection on domestic violence

EN: A child socialized into the culture of accepting domestic violence as a sign of love plans her marriage
ES: Una niña socializada en la cultura de aceptar la violencia doméstica como un signo de amor planea su matrimonio.

A collaboration between me and the spanish VFX and VO artist Jess Poveda who spoke the child with no filters applied

The Legacy of Rubies

Winner of numerous prizes including the 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), “The Legacy of the Rubies” tells the story of MFALME, a young forest boy who is kidnapped and brought to the strange palace of Airegin, with the claim that he is the blood son of the dying King Obankosi and the chosen successor to the throne.
Not just that, he is given a mandatory assignment which he has to fulfill before he can either accept or reject their offer.

Insight Germany | Deutsche Welle TV

In October 2014, I had a guest appearance on the Deutsche Welle TV  talk show “Insight Germany”.

Materials, permission and copyright: Deutsche Welle TV 2012



The short is about the lustof a man chasing  a woman. Desire and veiled longing bring the two to a point where loveturns out lonely, strange and warped.

Winner of numerous prizes including the Robert Bosch Foundation promotional prize for Animation, “Anna Blume” is from the Poem “An Anna Blume”, written by the German Poet Kurt Schwitters in 1919

ARTS 21 | Deutsche Welle TV

In october 2012, I was  featured alongside other German artists in the Deutsche Welle TV Cultural Programme “Arts 21”.

Materials, permission and copyright: Deutsche Welle TV 2012

LOve in the age of the EU

Each time during the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, the Haus für Poesie  Berlin sends out poems to film makers and asks them to interpret them visually.
This piece was done in the same constellation in 2014 and took the first place out of all the entries.

Written by the German Author “Björn Kuhligk” in 2005, this piece still represents challenges of migration and the mediterranean sea.


“Red fruits” is an animated music video of the song of same title by the Austrian Band “Kiss Me Yesterday” from the Album “Radio Flapper Beats” released in December 2015

smedLAB 2013

In 2013,  in partnership with the Goethe Institut Lagos,  Centre for Entrepreneurship and Development Research of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (CEDR) and Shrinkfish Ltd: I developed and co-ordinated Nigeria’s first ever animation course (smedLab Animation Course 2013)

We had a four weeks intensive on-location followed by further months of online teaching, mentoring and assistance.
This clip is still a brief insight and effect of the course through the testimonials of the seven course participants


A bird receives a present from her boyfriend, who helps suggest its use…

BACK STORY: Sometime in 2016, a facebook friend Sonja Knyssok posted an illustration, so silly I so much wanted to animate it. Co-incidentally, the submission deadline for  The Dumbest Sht I Ever Saw Anti Festival was  in 4 hours. On receiving an instant go ahead  from Sonja, I sat up the rest of the night.. Not just did I make the deadline, it was dumb enough for the festival


A man slips while descending the stairs and falls wrongly, but actually correctly..

From the fiddle-faddle poem of same title written by Ebele Okoye “The Man Who Fell Up” explores the illogical as an abstract form of logical expression.
World Premiere: DOK Leipzig 2016 (New German Animations)


In 2016,  I was a jury member of the maiden edition of the Poetry Fiom Prize Weimar, Germany.
My other jury members were Dave Bonta of Moving Poems and Stefan Petermann, a German Author from the Weimar region.

This is a time-lapse Video I shot during our decision making porcess

AFRIFF Promo Animation

This is a promotional clip I animated for the maiden edition of the Africa International Film Festival  AFRIFF which took place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in 2010.

Latern 2018, for the 8th edition took place in lagos and as they liked the clip so much, it was my pleasure to change the balloon which says “Welcome to Porthacourt” to “Welcome to Lagos” to fit the location.

die verrückte a the lunatic

My first official animation, this piece premiered at the Filmfest Dresden in 2007. Later in 2008, it was entered as the FIRST AND ONLY animation at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) thus got the honourable mention.

It was written and discarded by best friend and my then flatmate, the German Author Simone Kanter (who is still convinced it was a horrible piece whereas for me, it was  the stepping stone into life as an indeie animator.)
I also had the priviledge of having Rita Ringheanu, the most sought after female  VO artist in Germany to speak the original German version.
It later ran at the DOK Lepzig amongst other prestigious festivals


“Closer N Closer” is an animated music video of the track of same title by the Nigerian reggae singer Ketchy Dons.

When the musician approached Shrinkfish to animate a track from his Album “Fortune N’ The Slave” the track “Closer N’ Closer” caught on instantly due to the message it carries.
It was as a result of this message that I decided to create a story of a “forbidden attraction” between two teenagers from different social classes around the music.

The Essence

A CRAZY STORY: On 6th of March 2010,  “Hafeez Oluwa”, a then medical student and a poet who just connected with me on Facebook approached me with a plea. He had written a piece for the International women’s day and wanted it animated so he could present it at the celebration on the 8th in his university.
I could not say no!
That was how I anmated for 16 hours nonstop to upload, with enough buffer time for download as the Nigerian internet was still in the stone age those days.
Hafeez and I have worked together ever since then.

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