Efficient, Ethical, Communicative

3 REASONS | Why We Should Be Talking


Never compromising quality, my swiftness (speed) in execution of projects surpasses a measurable ratio of studios with ten times more capacity than I have. With over 15 years of existence in Germany as an independent film maker and media designer entrepreneurial and organizatorial skills have become self-evident in my working process and are to be seen in my works.


The three keys to any creative profession are: Talent, Passion & Resilience. One alone will never suffice. A major part of being a successful creative lies in the ability to combine these three keys with a conscious ethical practice in respect of not just the project and industry needs but trying to understand the clients’ needs to. This consciously choice is one of the things which make me stand out and away from being mainstream.


Great ideas alone cannot carry a project. In my consciously chosen working ethics, good rapport and good communication with my clients or collaborators are put in the first. These, not just in form of timely exchange of information but also in form of understanding my collaborators and clients, going into their wishes and joining forces towards a successful execution of the project to the utmost satisfaction of all involved.

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